Debbie grew up in Lochaber and graduated from Glasgow School of Art (Embroidered and Woven Textile Department) in 1992. She worked as a designer for a number of years in both the textiles and outdoor clothing sectors. Following the arrival of her young family she now works as a textile artist producing work which is mainly mixed media / textile based. She uses a combination of collage, with paper, textiles, found objects, paint, metal and stitch (both hand and machine) to create image with rich colour and texture. The final works depict the scenery of the Highlands of Scotland in which she lives.

Deborah comments:

“Inspiration for my work is taken from the Highlands of Scotland. This covers both the area of Caithness where I live all the way across to the West Coast of Scotland where I grew up. In particular interest is the impact man has had on this landscape. The way in which a house, planted trees or farmland can shape scenery in a quirky way. The colour used is often, though not always, vibrant and pattern is used in repeat to create balance.

My work is then developed using layering of various techniques. First paint, then collage, fabric, stitch (machine and hand) and embellishment. This results in work that although created for the wall has several dimensions to it. Image, composition, colour and texture each playing equal roles. The aim for the finished work is that it is beautiful, for people to enjoy it and that they find something new with each viewing

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