Born and educated in Edinburgh, Iain has painted or drawn for as long as he can remember.  Although keen on art at school university and career won out and he has spent most of his adult life working in public health in the NHS.

Iain is a self-taught artist but has attended and been inspired by a number of short courses. His chosen medium is watercolour and works from drawings, photos and water colour sketches done on site. Whilst working for the NHS Iain still found some time to paint and sold regularly in Lincolnshire and Scotland.

In the past 8 years, he has concentrated on his ‘second career’ as a full-time artist, painting watercolours, exhibiting, demonstrating and teaching. He sells regularly and has had a series of successful exhibitions in Lincolnshire. He has exhibited regularly with Lincolnshire’s Open Studio Network, a number of galleries in Scotland and this year’s ‘The Artist Exhibition’ at the Patchings Summer Festival.

“The places around me, the wonderful sights I experience when I travel and my passion for flowers are the things that inspire me to pick up the paint brushes.  I try to keep it simple and speak directly to the viewer. I just love to paint and my objective is to capture something of my emotional response to the colours, changing light and shadows. If I can communicate to the viewer a little of this then the painting has succeeded.”

Iain is now in the process of moving back to live in Scotland, to be closer to the landscapes that inspire him.

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