Bella Green

Bella enjoys creating playful compositions from everyday observation of objects, places, Vessels, jugs and pots of flowers, windows and views from inside to outside are favourite and recurrent themes. Bird forms, for her are a symbol of the creative spirit, also inhabit her imagination and her work. Strong design and expressive colour, simplification and decorative reorganisation of the facts are all used to explore these subjects.



Her main mediums of oils and acrylics have recently been combined with a newly discovered medium, polymer clay. This enables her to produce more textural surfaces and installation pieces, where paintings are juxtaposed with three dimensional forms. This new ‘mixed media’ approach also allows Bella to investigate the use of spontaneous gestural paint in combination with more graphic forms of representation.


The versatility of polymer clay offers infinite possibilities for creating organic and geometric pattern which she finds fascinating.


Box pictures and triptychs, she has always enjoyed multiple views. When observing, Bella looks up, looks down, moves a few paces and the view of things change. When imagining or remembering things, images pop up randomly or in sequences. As an artist, this fascinates her and guides her studio practice. The box pictures and triptychs are works where doors may be open or closed, where the image is hidden or revealed, or is partly revealed and seen in conjunction with another totally different part. Working with polymer clay has inspired Bella to start making more than just frames for her images, and to think of the whole object and how it may be viewed or sit in a space. Paintings on glass using a combination of solid and liquid polymer, acrylic, oil paint and inks. Bella has been exploring making transparent and translucent compositions. She has always been fascinated by colour and has taught colour theory and practice for many years. One of the things she enjoys, is noticing how light affects colour when it falls on things, reflected light, and how colour is altered when the light is behind or falls through it, transmitted light. These nuances of observation are the kind of thing everyone can notice and that artists use in their creations. In these pieces, she wanted to use polymer clay and paint to make the glowing colours of transmitted light with the contrast of surface pattern and reflected light.

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