Textiles & Textures Exhibition 27th May - 28th July 2016

A mixed exhibition showcasing work that is predominantly textile and textures in nature. You will find framed art crafted from needlework, batique, wood, glass, ceramics and enaminal and bronze. Also new sculptures, ceramics and jewellery. Our artists include Jacqueline Wakely, Diane Mylchreest, Ed Slater, Helena Emmans, Debbie Lee, Ali Feguson, Louise Carrie, Louise McNaught, Gillian Mcghee, Jo Lee, Iona Leichman, Val Ferguson, Sue Jury, Pat McKenzie, Liz Samways, Carol Sinclair, David Chilton, Emma West, Sue White Oaks, Jill Lawerence, Ros Green, Katrina Clark Martin and many more.

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