Hatti Pattisson

Scottish born artist Hatti Pattisson began her career as an artist selling her expressive, emotive paintings aged 15 at The Pittenweem Arts Festival in The East Nuek of Fife where she grew up.

 She dedicated most of her time between school building a collection of art for shows. The act of painting became a huge part of Hatti’s life. It was a space where she could express her thoughts and emotions, somewhere she could play with the real and the imaginary.

 Hatti has built a growing local and international clientele who have been collecting her work through the years. Many of her clients have seen her grow up and develop her paintings through to her new textile brand. Her style has developed and has gone through visable stages. Over time she has painted reflections of places and memories that are close to her heart, as well as new experiences on her travels.

 Seascapes are a continuous subject in Hatti’s work. For her, the sea is a mysterious world of its own which she has always found a sense of relief and comfort from.

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