Julia makes a range of handbags, accessories and gifts that are contemporary, quirky and fun that are often made from very traditional Scottish fabrics, tartan and tweeds.  Julia uses simple sewing techniques to produce practical good quality products that are also sculptural and exciting for you to use and wear.
Julia lives in the Heart of the Scottish Borders where there is a great tradition of weaving tartan and Border tweeds. She makes full use of these great industries when sourcing her fabrics.  Julia loves keeping it local and living so near the Scottish Border also supports some of the Great British Manufacturers just across it.
She loves the tradition of cloth making, the traditional and the Contemporary and hope this shows in her work through the mixing of pattern and adding texture. Julia only purchases small quantities of fabric which keeps her products unique.
Julia uses the rich descriptive Scottish Language for names for her bags which include The Muckle Fantoosh and a wee Peerie Poak.

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