Kay rekindled her love of painting when she moved to Roberton, just outside Biggar. It was something she’d wanted to do and it was a good way to meet new friends and settle into her new home. 14 years later, she still loves painting and creating and has met lots of lovely people along the way.

Kay gets most of her inspiration from the natural world and the beautiful landscapes that surround us. She has recently been focussing more on trees and hills in her local area – not trying to replicate any particular location – but producing work that is her interpretation of the texture, outlines, colour and wonderful markings that she sees.

Her work is collaged using a combination of found and her, individually, hand painted papers. After much deliberation and procrastination, the pieces are finally stuck down and sealed. Acrylic paint is then used to enhance and complete each piece creating their unique feel and character – her arrow slit aperture of local landscape.

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