Julie Dumbarton

Painting is not just a career for me. It isn’t just a passion either.

Painting is a way of life. An essential part of my life that I can not live without.

When painting I lose myself in the moment, and that moment can last for hours – time passes without me noticing it.

I’m fascinated by both colour and light, and strive to fuse these in all my paintings. I love interpreting how light plays across a field or through trees, the way it reflects on water.

And also how colours change, sometimes softening when warmed by light and other times becoming harder and yet more vibrant. Light is definitely the ruler of colour!

My past work has, generally, reflected places I wish existed. They are hybrid images – a tree line seen whilst out walking combined with a group of hills passed whilst in the car, all pulled together with a vast, dramatic sky observed whilst sitting on a beach for example.

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