Sheila Anderson-Hardy

Born in a small seaside village in Galloway, Scotland.

Sheila studied at Glasgow School of Art, graduating with a BA in Art & Printed Textile.

Sheila returned to Scotland 5 years ago, having spent many years, working as an illustrator, art lecturer and artist in London. She is  now a career painter exhibiting in selected galleries across Scotland, also in London. Work has sold nationally and internationally.

Sheila has recently exhibited with:

RSW at the Royal Scottish Academy, 3 years running

Flora Scotia at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh,

The Society of Women Artists, Mall Gallery London,

The Society of Botanical Artists, Mall Gallery London

The Society of Graphic Fine Artists Menier Gallery London

Her creative arena is now the exquisite natural beauty of the Scottish Border’s countryside, where she now lives, and her preoccupation is with the importance and fragility of the eco-systems which guard our future. Sheila’s responses vary, figurative images emerge or may evolve into a more abstract expression on the paper or canvas, subliminal imagery triggered by dreams, memory or emotion. Sheila’s attention is invariably drawn to the banks and field margins, with their abundance of flora, observing their transformation through the seasons. Her interest is in the small elements which make up the bigger picture.

Sheila approaches her work by walking in the countryside around her home taking notes and sketching, as source material for later work in the studio.

She loves the pared down graphic impact of monochromatic images, and they feature strongly in her folio. Sheila has been influenced by the traditional Japanese ink technique Sumi-e. Using varying dilutions of black pigment ink to capture the essence of natural subjects. She also works both in water-colour and oil on canvas.


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