Sheena Spacey

Working mostly with clay, but also with occasional canvas work, collage and stitch, Sheena explores and records a love for nature, combined with quiet beauty of folk and primitive art.   Home and nature are her sources of inspiration, both being recurring themes in her artwork.  Sheenas ceramics include slab constructed houses, primitive figures, hand formed small wrap vases and rustic bowls,  embellished with subtle markings and enhanced with underglaze colour, glazes and smoke-firing.   Simple forms, quietly reflecting calm and the individuality of hand made.

Sheena collects wayside foliage, meadow grasses, fallen flowers and leaves to make patterning in clay.  Details of plant, form, colour, texture, patterns evolve, perhaps with a hare in a meadow or a bird in a tree.   She explores these combinations and adds additional patterning with hand cut stencils of her own design and also from sourced wooden print blocks.   Ceramic houses form a major part of her work, reflecting her passion for home, our places of refuge and safe haven.  Simple forms that speak quietly of refuge and rest.

Sheena sees wildlife, watch birds, butterflies and bees, their habitats providing fragile shelter. She hopes that her work reflects the quiet nature of joy from simple things, our homes offering refuge and safe haven, where nature can be at home and at one, and protected.

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