Justin Paulo Butcher

Justin aims to encourage people to explore their sub-conscious through questions human beings can relate to.  Inspired by deconstruction, the environment, people and situation he wishes to encourage people to see the symbolism behind his work.  The sculptures pull on the individuality of human form – and the psyche we experience; including hope, aspiration, flight, spirit, enlightenment, stimulation and development. The composition of each sculpture depicts many of these themes; not only the composition of the sculptures – but the medium.

Justin is a worker in mass produced objects, his current theme of connection between people has brought him to use household keys. These keys are welded together to create human figures. The keys epitomize the symbolism of connection with others, unlocking doors, opening new beginnings, answers or hiding old happenings- all things that matter and link us as humans in our existence. It is in these connections that synchronicity comes to life. We can all identify with the medium symbolically and realistically – and this is where he finds inspiration.  Everyone can relate to his works – everyone has a key for something or somewhere.

Justin is aiming to provoke thought, mystery and drama with atmospheric emotion. His work should encourage giving thought to why we are synchronised existing and functioning alongside each other.

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