Alan Brockbank

Alan was born in Yorkshire and spent nearly thirty years in the north east of England in a totally different professional career before turning to an art career in 2014.

Having been connected with Dumfries and Galloway for most of his life, Alan established his studio there in 2016 near Castle Douglas where he produces glass work for exhibitions and sale through galleries and other outlets.

Alans work comprises of kiln-formed fused glass using variously translucent, opalescent and dichroic glass and inclusions. The pieces produced cover a variety of shapes sizes and styles. They are shaped after initial full fuse firing by being slumped into or draped over a mould during a further firing. The objects are always decorative: some are designed for everyday use whereas others are purely for artistic and sculptural effect. Alan works with glass in varying ways, but mostly fused glass (including slump, drape and drop) and kiln- carved, casting, including shallow cast. He has also worked with architectural glass, screen printing and enameling. Usually he works with Bullseye glass for reason of heat coefficient compatibility. Recently though he has been developing more sculptural work, moving away from items that are recognizable in form and useable into pieces purely for artistic effect. This involves an element of pushing both the material and the accepted methods of working in a way that has less predictable but often dramatic results. It can also involve exploiting the reactive properties of certain types and colours of glass together with the chemical reaction produced by inclusions. The key for him is the nature of glass itself, the transition from solid to liquid state and back again, capturing the free flow of glass through air. Alan feels that is best done with translucent glass. This year Alan has also been working less with opaque and sandblasted and more with iridescent, but still with bright contrasting colours and geometric themes.

Alan is a Member of the Contemporary Glass Society, Network Member Allendale Forge Studios, Ordinary Member Society of Scottish Artists, Member Dumfries and Galloway Fine Arts Society, Member DG Unlimited, Professional Member of Upland, and was a Director Mill on the Fleet Ltd 2015.



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