Jenny Haslam

Jenny’s painting, creativity, work and family life have always been intertwined. As she has more time now that her family has grown up, she  balances her role within a small charity working with separated parents and their children, with painting and drawing. Both activities demand emotional as well as physical energy, but enhance each other’s creativity – She is thriving!

Jenny likes to draw outside, often finding herself perched up on a hillside, on a beach or in the middle of a field, perhaps balancing on a small stool if its too muddy to sit on the ground. Her drawings get smaller when it is raining, as she shelters her paper and water colour paints beneath the hooded rim of her coat or an anchored umbrella. If it’s not too windy, she may rig up a ground sheet in the trees to give herself a waterproof roof. Jenny loves to be out and experiencing the weather and the landscape in all of its forms. She tries to capture a little of the essence of the timelessness of the surrounding landscape, it’s light, intensity and depth. Jenny fills her sketch book with memories, form and colour to influence her work once home in her studio. At other times she prepares papers in the studio – collage and/printing – and draws straight onto them in ink and then paint whilst in the field.

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