Amy Marshall

Amy is a landscape and portrait artist based in Fort William, on the West Coast of Scotland. She graduated in 2003 from the University of Edinburgh and Edinburgh College of Art with a first class MA (Hons) Fine Art Degree. In the past few years she has traveled to different parts of Scotland looking for inspiration for her landscape work. In her recent paintings she has given focus to the drama of dominating, stormy skies in her seascapes, and to light and atmosphere in her paintings of quiet forest interiors.

Amy finds particular appeal in the snow covered winter forest or landscape, when all is pared down to an almost monochromatic composition of the dominating verticals of trees, or the horizontals or lochs and fields, with just hints of colour in the sky and on the snow revealing the weather and atmosphere of the day. She also treats her landscapes of beaches and reflective lochs with her distinctively subtle palette, aiming to capture something quintessentially Scottish about the way weather and latitude affect the light on land and water.

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