Karl Stern Lives in Edinburgh and has been an avid collector of art for several years and started practising art in 2012.

Before becoming a full time artist, Karl’s work and life experience included running bookshops, a wildlife park, collecting snakes, managing record/book shops and bars before starting work in local government.

He attended Leith School of Art in Edinburgh and has found particular interest in the development of calligraphic plates as works of art.

The works are designed with the intention that the plates make the work, but some are suitable for printing and a very limited number of unique mono-prints may be available (1 to 4 individual images may be printed from the plate using different colours)

Card plates are cut live with a blade and no prior drawing, then shallaced to strengthen and preserve the cut Image.

Two types of shellac are used. A brown one gives a golden wooden hue to the card. Others have clear shellac applied, mixed with pure pigments to colour the plate.

Both types of plate are then used to create a small number of hand made prints. The detail and textures worked into the surface are enhanced by the brushwork and the use of printing inks rubbed in.

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