Jane MacKenzie

Jane is a Scottish artist now living and working in Catterline on the North East coast. She studied at Gray’s School Of Art and Design and The Northern College, Aberdeen, before commencing a teaching career which spans some 32 years both at home and abroad.

Using a varied and curious mix of techniques and media, her work has been described as : “ Amazingly colourful semi-abstract landscapes which are wonderfully evocative, textural, layered and quite dream-like. The Highland Cow paintings are appealing and humorous with bright, engaging colours, tactile surfaces and richly applied paints using highly gestural marks”.

In landscapes and abstract pieces she responds to places visited or lived in and moments gathered or experienced. She aims to entice the viewer to ‘see’ in a new way and to ‘ feel’ something of the initial spark within the image, which fascinated her enough to create the piece.

The ‘Coo’ series came about because of the herd living in the field next door to her home. They are ready subjects and their richly textured coats and amusing expressions tempted her to explore their portraits in a colourful and imaginative way. Recent developments of this engaging theme have been to focus in on their faces, enlarging muzzles and noses to become the focal point of the work and to allow a more abstract approach to the treatment of their hairstyles!


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