Jason Cordingley

Jason Cordingley is an Edinburgh based artist focusing on sea, city and landscapes executed in oil on canvas.  He completed a BA (hons) degree in Art in 1990, and an MA in Art Education four years later. Jason has continuously worked on his own art practise, alongside teaching art at Merchiston Castle School, Edinburgh, since graduating.

Jason’s lively landscapes are dramatic and full of atmosphere. Texture and intense lighting effects interact with striking abstracted images of sky, sea and land. Jason has developed his approach to landscape painting over the past twenty years using multiple layers of oil paint thickeners and glazes. He is particularly interested in capturing the changing nature of light’s interaction with the landscape.  He often applies a textured depth, up to several centimeters,  in order for the natural light to play upon the canvas surface.  By manipulating the canvas in this way, Jason controls the translucency and density of pigments. The canvass is often reworked repeatedly, introducing new textures and tones to the piece. Often, he applies a mixture of mediums to the oil paint.

Jason’s work has been shown in Edinburgh, Oxford and London, he has also collaborated with the Interior Design firm of Robertson Lindsay.

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