Carol Nunan

Carol Nunan is a printmaker whose studio – a converted barn on the edge of Hexham, in rural Northumberland – is where she creates her original handmade prints and teaches printmaking workshops to students from across the UK and beyond.
Carol’s inspiration is drawn from the local flora and fauna, the iconic Northumbrian castles, Northumbria’s Christian heritage, pre and post Roman archaeology and the landscapes and geology of the Great Whin Sill which famously forms the foundation of Hadrian’s Wall which lies just across the Tyne Valley from her studio.
Carol’s work is created entirely by hand using two printmaking media – monotype and collagraph in unison.
All Carol’s prints are unique. In some cases this is because just one print has been produced from the plate. These entirely unique creations are marked 1/1. In other cases, Carol produces an edition (typically 20) where she develops the plate for each print in the edition in order to convey different moods or reflect different times of the day or the changing seasons. This results in a ‘variable edition’ where the essential composition remains the same but each print in the edition is unique. The first print of such an edition is therefore marked as EV 1/20 – Edition Variable.

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