Eileen McAllister

Much of her work as a maker of jewellery is influenced by her other profession – that is as a psycho dynamic psychotherapist.  Eileen is interested in the unconscious and how ideas for her work emerge almost as though they come from nowhere. Certain shapes appeal to her as a way to create pieces and although she might sketch out an idea first she likes the freedom to develop or change it as she begins to work with the metal.

Working mainly in 925 silver Eileen explores forms that often echo natural shapes such as stones, shells and spices.

People express something of themselves by the jewellery they wear and she hopes to make pieces that will resonate with some aspect of the wearer, whether consciously or unconsciously. Essentially jewellery attracts us at an emotional level and often has a particular meaning for the wearer. She likes that a connection is made between the maker and the wearer even though they may never meet each other.