Terri Campbell

Terri Studied Jewellery & Silversmithing at Edinburgh College of Art from 2010-2014 and graduated with BA (Hons). Since graduating in 2014 she has been a self employed jewellery designer-maker and has shown her work throughout the country in various shows and exhibitions.
Living in the rural countryside in South-West Scotland Terri has always been surrounded by the natural beauty of her country that has influenced her throughout her life. Organic shapes and nature inform her studio practice, taking shapes and textures from her surroundings and using them to create wearable pieces of jewellery. Irregular structures like old fencing and panelled outbuilding also inform her work. Terri works predominately in sterling silver, using gold and semi-precious stones as subtle details. Gentle contrasts in colour and texture within her jewellery makes it great for everyday wear as well as special occasions.

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