Rachael Brown

Rachael was born in Edinburgh but grew up and spent most of her life in the small fishing community of Macduff, North East Scotland. Married at 17, with three children by the age  21, she gained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Professional Development (Education) whilst teaching Beauty Therapy as an F.E Lecturer.

As the children grew, she was able to incorporate her passion for lead singing in rock bands, and solo performing.

Then, almost by accident, along came the realisation that she could paint…and life took a whole new exciting turn!

Rachaels’ Father, Bill Brown, was a musician and well known local artist, who before his passing in 2012 appeared on Channel 4s ‘Watercolour Challenge’.

So music, art and an encouragement of self expression were an integral part of her early life, and have helped her become the professional self taught Artist she is today.

Working mainly in acrylic on canvas, Rachael delights in creating a magical mix of loose expression and intricate detail.

Her unconventional use of texture produces work which is both highly individual and powerfully effective. Each piece different, yet still reflecting her unusual and mesmerising style.

She says, “I love to create dynamic art, the kind that bursts from the soul and almost paints itself! My inspiration can be anything as simple as a solitary word, a feeling, a story, a snowdrop, a rock, a colour, a belief, a scene, a cloud, a metal, an insect, a myth, a shape, anything at all!

Everything inspires me!”