Eben Rautenbach

Eben Rautenbach aka LeRoc, is a South African born artist who grew up surrounded by the rich and diverse African fauna and flora. An obsession for surfing and art pushed him to travel the world which brought him to Scotland where he lost his heart in its natural beauty.

As an ex graffiti artist he learnt that the perfect art blends in culturally and visually within its surroundings while still making a statement. An element that plays an integral part in his artwork today.

As a self-taught artist he tried various mediums but it was the rawness and organic feel of pyrography that drew his attention and allowed him to express his love for the use of natural elements. The wood is as important as the image burnt on it and is brought back to life through the added art.

Residing in the Scottish Borders, he continues to work on his pyrography art.

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