Helen Acklam

Helen Acklam is an artist living and working from South-West Scotland. In 2012 she graduated with a degree in Drawing from the University of Cumbria. Inspired by the Scottish highlands and islands, she uses a variety of media to convey her interest in this breath-taking landscape.

The main subjects in her latest collection of works are the cottages, bothies and shielings of the Isle of Lewis and the Outer Hebrides. Many of these structures that now lie derelict were once home to previous generations of islanders. Her work celebrates the beauty of these historic constructions bringing them back to life with research of the stories and histories of these places providing the underlying narrative to the work.

Her mixed media work is developed using a blend of relevant materials and textures. Sculptural pieces and artist books emerge from combinations of plaster bandage, textiles and ephemera of often-symbolic significance.  On canvas the use of sand from Luskentyre beach, brings a sense of belonging and adds authenticity to the work, which combined with acrylic paint, ink and graphite, achieves the desired topography.

Old local spiritual books are introduced in the form of collage, to represent the faith and beliefs observed in the communities in the isles, alongside handmade paper and corrugated cardboard, adding substance to the atmospheric depictions.

With the combination of these various significant and symbolic elements, she succeeds beautifully in breathing new life into these often deserted and derelict places.

Helen has worked with Dancing Light Art Gallery since 2018 and has enjoyed tremendous success with both national and international sales. Her Croft Cottages, Bothies and Sheilings are most popular, mainly because of the story they tell. The palette used and depth of texture alongside the intriguing mixed media added to each painting resonates strongly with the artists own personality.

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