Forthcoming Exhibitions

Le Chevalier by Stanley Bird

Fringe Exhibition


3rd August to 2nd October 2019


Preview & Wine Reception Saturday 3rd August


We welcome, Stanley Bird, Judie Rutherford, Helen Welsh, Aileen Neillie, Derek Jones, Alan Kay, Pratima Kramer, Ken Cowins, Cath Hill, Rachel Cooke, Emma Bird, Sandra Moffat, Tina Boswell, Alison Tomlin, Debbie Mahaffey, Colm O’Brien, Francesca King, Nicholas King, Jenny Haslam, Laura Bennett, Jo Bull and many more.

Festival Exhibition


5th October to 19th November 2019


Preview & Wine Reception Saturday 5th October 2pm to 5pm


We welcome Christopher Nugent, Jo Verity, Amy Cooper, Christina Woodrow, Sheena Spacey, Jenny Handley, Claire Blyth, Juliette Scott, Becca MacDonald, David Holmes and many more…

Troglodytes (The Wren) by Jan McBeth

Winter Warmth Exhibition


23rd November 2019 to 29th January 2020


Preview & Wine Reception Saturday 23rd November 2pm to 5pm


We welcome Jackie Henderson, Jan Macbeth, Ellen Monaghan, Gill Walton, Liz Jones, Shiela Hardy, Helen McKnockiter, Megan Chapman, Jackie Ward, Alice Shepherd, Ali Dickson and many more…