Forthcoming Exhibitions

Butterfly Tree by Julie Dumbarton

Spring Awakening Exhibition


31st March 2018 to 30th May 2018


Preview & Wine Reception Saturday 31st March 2pm to 5pm



We are thrilled to welcome Julie Dumbarton back to the Gallery. Her Paintings are so full of colour and vibrancy they are perfect for our spring exhibition. Joining Julie is Newton Ross, Helen Walsh, Heloise Maylin, Helen Slater, Peter Wareing, Susanne Hanl, Jennifer Watt and many more….

Summer Exhibition


2nd June 2018 to 25th July 2018


Preview & Wine Reception Saturday 2nd June 2pm to 5pm


Our Summer Exhibition showcases new work by Becksy…accompanied by Clare Robinson , Thomas Petit many more….

Rapture Exhibition


28th July 2018 to 26th September 2018


Preview & Wine Reception Saturday 28th July 2pm to 5pm


We welcome Viv Nicklin, a new name to the gallery for our ‘Rapture’ exhibition.accompanied by Jacqueline Watt many more….

Blossom Tree Study I by Claire Beattie

Festival Exhibition


29th September 2018 to 28th November 2018


Preview & Wine Reception Saturday 28th July 2pm to 5pm


We welcome the return of Claire Beattie to gallery following a hugely successful 2017 exhibition. Claire is joined by Pamela Grace, Dee Barnes andmany more….

Winter Exhibition


1st December 2018 to 30th January 2019


Preview & Wine Reception Saturday 1st December 2pm to 5pm


We welcome Paula Dawney, Jacqueline Atkin and many more to our Christmas exhibition